Because you know it's all about the Sparkle

Because you know it's all about the Sparkle

Here's a fun fact: I have a background in high end jewellery! I spent quite a few years working for and managing stores for one of Australia's most prestigious and highest quality jewellery stores. This means I have a pretty extensive knowledge of diamonds and semi precious stones. 

When talking about diamonds you will always hear people mention the 4 C's: 





A fool will tell you that the Carat, or diamond size, is the most important of the four C's. That is entirely incorrect. 

It is actually the cut. For it is the cut alone that determines the sparkle. Each cut is called a facet, and it is the precision and ratio of these facets that allow light to shine in and reflect out of the stone. 

The same applies for rhinestones. 

To have the most impact on stage, it is not always about having the largest gems, but ensuring your gems have the most sparkle. 

16 Facet

And now, with that all in mind, I'm so excited to introduce you to our brand new 16 facet rhinestones. These tiny gems pack a big punch!

So to get to the point, this light can refract in and out of the stone at two angles, rather than one, straight away giving off 4 times the sparkle. These gems are a must for any costume heading under stage lights. A standard cut rhinestone has 12-14 facets all the same shape & facing the same direction - up towards the table (the top cut of the stone). Our 16 facet stones features 8 large facets peaking towards the table & 8 smaller facets peaking towards the base.You can find our whole range, including our 5 new "flicker" colours HERE  

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